NEXT 12 Weeks Weightloss Challenge Starting July 

Wanna win some cash for being the biggest loser? Lose some weight, some centimeters and gain LOADS of energy? 
If YES to any of these then; This is the Challenge for you 

Are you down for our winter Weightloss Challenge??? Tag a Friend & Workout Buddy! Let's Get Lean in 2017 and work for that holiday body! !! Bet R300 on yourself to lose body weight and gain muscle! Lots of prizes to be won. You can do this!!!

You can join our UNLIMITED variety of classes (7 clients per class) and be part of a group that's helping each other.

Unlimited packages :

R1800 for 12 weeks: R300 entry and R500 per month. Pay in advance for the 12 weeks.

R300 entry R600 per month if you pay monthly. (R2100)

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