Yogaflex is an innovative approach to flexibility training, strength conditioning and complete relaxation supported by research in the growing field of personal health, wellness and fitness. 

The Yogaflex exercise programme includes both current fitness methods and traditional disciplines and draws its inspiration from  various well known mind-body techniques and scientific approaches. 

The programme directs the participants' attention and breathing patterns through a series of poses, postures, sequences, mind-body awareness scripts and relaxation and breathing exercises. 

Yogaflex aims to improve flexibility, increase muscle strength, promote co-ordination and balance, reduce stress related discomfort ad increase mental clarity, personal focus and self-awareness. 

The mind and body cannot be separated into two parts, the mind and body should work together in harmony to bring about increased physical fitness and relaxation. One of the main goals of Yogaflex is to re-integrate the mind-body connection into regular physical fitness activities in order to: 

  • Promote flexibility and increase muscle strength
  • achieving well being and happiness
  • improve posture and body awareness
  • promote stress relief and prevention
  • aid in the release of tension and discomfort caused by modern lifestyle habits

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